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a suspect linked to five people either dead or missing. see how they caught up to him and the latest on the search for two vallejo women. and police confront a mountain lion roaming the the streets. good morning, everybody. thanks for joining us. i'm brent cannon. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. 4:30 right now. nbc bay area meteorologist rob mayeda has a first look at our forecast. good morning, rob. >> good morning. things will be heating up as we go through the next couple of days. let's show you the temperatures right now. 62 degrees, san jose, not too
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bad. a mild start. 59 right now in san francisco. oakland waking up to the low 60s, but it's the afternoon temperatures that are going to get your attention. we do have a spare the air day today. worst air quality in the santa clara valley. this is unhealthy for sensitive groups this afternoon. by lunchtime, we'll be pushing 90 in the warmer places inland, topping out in the upper 90s around concord and fairfield. san jose, 91. morgan hill getting up to 96. 80s around san francisco. tomorrow looks even hotter and then things start to cool off as we head into labor day weekend. back to you. we begin with developing and shocking news overnight. a deadly web of violence with one man at the center. two people are dead and three are missing. late last night, california highway patrol officers killed the suspect after a high-speed chase. he's identified as alfred valdmorro. we have team coverage this
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morning of this complex and developing story, beginning with jean elle. >> this is not like mom. she doesn't do this. >> reporter: joe smart and his extended family are desperate to find his wife, carol smart. no one has see the vallejo woman since last wednesday. smart's posting fliers, working with police and a private detective, determined to find the woman he says lived to give back to children who grew up poor like her in the philippines. >> she didn't have a chance to go to school. now she's putting a bunch of kids through school in the philippines. she's good people. >> reporter: 60-year-old smart is missing, along with her friend, 67-year-old rita. smart went to see her wednesday. she left golden rod, heading a few blocks away to upland court, but something happened. both of the women's cars were missing until this morning. smart's kids found her car parked in an apartment complex on richardson drive. but segendena's white cadillac
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escalade is missing. joe's afraid an old renter of segendena might have done to the women. he kicked alfred out a few weeks ago. >> she had nailed her door shut from the outside. this guy was puttering around the house, putting up some light. i said, who are you? he said, i live here. and i said, you do not live here. >> reporter: hercules police say valdmorro is also a murder suspect in another crime, accused of beating a 73-year-old man to death. ricardo salas was found dead saturday and his son is missing. investigators say suspect valdmorro was last seen driving segendena's white cadillac escalade. jean elle, bay area news. >> and christie smith is live this morning. she's in vallejo. she continues our coverage with what is going on. police really trying to sort out exactly what happened. christie? >> reporter: good morning. i can tell you that this crime
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scene spans several cities in the bay area. i want to step aside to you can see the home that we're talking about here in vallejo. we're getting information this morning from an officer here that two victims may have been removed from the house. an officer just told me, we also has reason to believe that there may be some explosives in the house. now, we know vallejo police and the department of justice did show up and search the house. now, to back this up to a little bit of what jean was saying there, with the suspect, efron valdmorro spotted by the police, there was a pursuit involved, with speeds up to 90 miles per hour. he crashed into an officer's car, refused to follow orders, and was fatally shot. the suspect's girlfriend found strangled in the car. the victim's son, still missing. two other women were also noted as missing. a 60-year-old and her 67-year-old friend. apparently one of the woman had kicked valdmorro out a few weeks
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ago. the women are carol smart and another woman, rita. that car involved is still missing. a 2002 cadillac escalade, white 5aso77. that's the latest we have from here. christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, christie. and count on nbc bay area news to bring you continuing coverage of this very complex story throughout the day on air and online at right now we want to get you going with a look at your morning commute. mike inouye's got a look at the latest on the roads. >> good morning, brent and laura. out to the roadways where we have an earlier accident coming out of the sunol grade, involving a big rig, sbtd 680 at washington boulevard. that's reported off to the right-hand shoulder. a noninjury, no one injured in that accident. it may be cleared in the next couple of minutes. we'll look at the volume of traffic coming to the area out of sunol, the southbound traffic with the taillights, very few
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cars right now coming through this area. this will change dramatically over the next couple of hours. slowdowns will start about 6:30, but so far a clear, easy drive lu fremont into the south bay. catch up with you in a few minutes. laura, back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. a wild sighting in what's known as the gourmet ghetto of berkeley. a mountain lion was spotted cruising the streets of that east bay city. someone called the police and said they saw a 100-pound cat that may look like the picture you saw right there from the internet. the cat wound up on walnut street before police were forced to shoot and kill it. >> and we have the great concern that that wild animal could pose a significant, if not deadly threat to the community in this area. >> fish and game and police say they don't know why the mountain lion made its way to the city. it could have been looking for food or it could have been, actually, someone's pet. but police say that's very unlikely. many people felt a minor
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earthquake that shook parts of the east bay. local geologists tell us it was a 3.2 quake and centered near concord, five miles west of clayton and about 15 miles west of antioch. it happened about 6:25 last night along the concord fault, which is a small fault, which is east of the calaveras fault. president obama formally declared the end of the combat mission in iraq. he spoke to the nation in a part-time oval office address tuesday. the president said after seven years and over 4,000 american lives lost, the united states has met its responsibilities. >> at every turn, america's men and women in uniform have served with courage and resolve. >> we spoke to the family of one bay area army lieutenant on his way home. steve dewitt was part of the last major combat brigade to leave iraq. his parents who watched his son make it out safely out of iraq in an nbc news story a couple of weeks ago said they appreciated the president's support.
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>> he mentioned our son's brigade. we had one little quick clip of him in there. he mentioned teenagers who had seen the war begin and our son had mentioned that in our interview. so that was kind of cool. >> deceive dewitt left kuwait last night and should be arriving at ft. lewis near tacoma this afternoon. president obama says the end of combat means shifting focus from sacrifices abroad to tight budgets at home. promising the economy would now be his central responsibility. the president reiterated that the u.s. must jump-start industries that create jobs and end its dependence on foreign oil. the fremont officer shot in the line of duty will undergo more surgery and he's going to need more blood. the community is rallying around officer todd young by holding several donation drives. he was shot last week in oakland after a confrontation with a suspected gang member. young's alma mater is now planning to hold a new drive.
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you think graduate there had in 1989. he remains in stable but very serious condition. big changes to the way you get around the bay this weekend. ac transit will slash weekend service. it's part of an effort to keep buses rolling. the transit agency will present the propose at a board of directors meeting tonight. the plan would with eliminate almost half the service on the weekend, but ground all but two night owl bus lines that run overnight. a vote is set for september 22nd. time now, 4:39. apple is going to make a big announcement today. tech analysts make their predictions on what's in store. scrimping and saving. many bay area families and college students still don't have enough for everything. the unusual way they're making ends meet. ♪ >> yeah, the little girl with the big voice. is jackie evanco's talent something that your kids might have as well?
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time now, 4:42. a nice-looking shot of the bay bridge this morning. we'll be updating your traffic and weather coming up in just a couple of minutes. >> apple is set to make a big announcement today. some of the more likely scenarios apple will introduce in the internet-based version of itunes. other rumors circulating include a new version of appletv and updates to apple's ipod lineup. of course, we'll be there for the big announcement at 10:00 this morning, as well as tech
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reporter, scott budman. he'll be blogging live at and also on twitter. you've heard the term, "starving students," but with the economy in shambles and strapped for cash, some students are literally starving this semester. how hungry students are applying more food stamps in record numbers this year. >> reporter: vivianna rodriguez is proud to be the first in her family to go to college. >> i'm happy i'm going to graduate within two years. >> reporter: a junior at cal state east bay, she's studying medical billing, but paying her own bills has become a challenge. you don't eat breakfast or lunch or dinner, you're not going to be able to study or focus. >> we literally have students coming to us saying, i'm out of food. you know, i can't eat. >> reporter: rhonda johnson heads up the financial aid department at cal state east bay. she says 119 of their students are on food stamps and that number is likely to increase
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when school starts in a few weeks. >> we are literally really inundated with students who have immediate needs that they didn't have the prior year. >> reporter: it's a trend among college-aged students across the bay area. the number 18 to 24-year-olds receiving food stamps is on the rise in every county. to qualify for food stamps, college students must be enrolled at least part-time and fulfill one of the following criteria. they must 20 hours a week or participate in a state or federal work with study program or have a child under the age of 6 or receive cal works. in addition to food stamps, johnson says hungry students can apply for an emergency loan and get a check within 24 hours. >> if they're starving, they only have to make it one more day. >> reporter: for rodriguez, that is one day closer to graduation and getting off food stamps for good. kris sanchez, nbc bay area news. a peninsula fifth grader is being called the pint-sized
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susan boyle. she showed tv audiences again that she's really got talent on the show "america's got talent." 10-year-old jackie evancho competed for a spot in the final ten with a great performance last night. ♪ >> man, listen to that voice. kim baldonado from our nbc station in los angeles has the behind-the-scenes look at the life of the little girl with the big voice. ♪ >> reporter: it's a voice people can't stop talking about. >> people will be talking about jackie for years to come. and she's one of those artists that you will remember where you were the first time you saw her perform. >> you can feel in the audience, this ground swell now of excitement when she swings. you kind of feel like you're watching the start of an amazing career. >> reporter: jackie evancho's
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first appearance on "america's got talent" was so powerful that people started buzzing that that amazing voice couldn't be hers. >> people were saying, it's so good, it's fwot to be fake. but it's real. >> reporter: real enough and good enough to get her to the semi finals on a national tv show. >> i think we have found not only a great star for america, but america's sweetheart. >> reporter: but jackie herself didn't think she'd end up here. >> my mom thought i was a really, really good singer. but she's a mom. >> reporter: this 10-year-old only started singing two years ago. after seeing the film version of "the phantom of the opera." >> even if i had a pop voice, i would have gone with classical, because it's different from what many other children do. >> reporter: and since she is only a child, we had to ask, is there any harm in her developing her career so early? >> lots of kids like that can be quite brattish and jackie is the complete opposite. a sweet, sweet girl. very well brought up, very well managed, very polite and
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respectful, and an amazing talent. ♪ >> man. the grand prize for winning "america's got talent" is $1 million and a contract to perform in las vegas. the winner will also star in the tour across america as the headlining act. >> wow. i don't want to follow up that. so let's turn now to courtney reagan. she's got news on our money. looks like stocks are getting ready for a green arrow today. good morning. >> hi, good morning. thanks a lot. i've got to follow that beautiful little voice. futures are higher this morning after wall street managed to eke out just some small gains on tuesday, but the markets still closed out the worst august since 2001 after being pretty badly battered by several weak economic reports. asian markets rose overnight. europe is also positive. and look at news on the job market today. the adp report, the one that tracks those private sector payrolls due out in just a little while, and that's ahead of the big jobs data that comes
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on friday. but we're also watching data on manufacturing and the construction industry. the dow was up nearly five points tuesday to start trading at 10,014, but it fell 4% for the month. the nasdaq slipped five points and lost 6% last month. and automakers report august sales today. research firm, j.d. power and associates says that sales flowed considerably in the last part of august, partly due to weak signs in the economy. new car buyers may be holding off any purchases over anticipation for the labor day weekend. and the home of the whopper may be on the auction block. at least "the wall street journal" is reporting burger king has been talking about a possible buyout. b.k. has been publicly traded since 2006, but it has also passed through the hands of private investors before, in just 2002. unlike mcdonald's, the world's number two hamburger change has struggled in the recession. sales were down 2% in the past year. back to you. >> thanks so much, courtney.
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virgin america is hoping you catch some southern sun this winter and the airline is expanding flights to vacation spots south of the border. t nonstop flights from sfo to san jose del cabo start december 16th. flights to cancun start january 19th. and the next day, they'll have flights from sfo to cancun. a list of the top ten apartments in america is out and a san francisco penthouse with a multimillion dollar view is among the most pricey. it's a 17,000 square foot condo in the st. regis hotel and it can be yours for a merely $49 million. it made "forbes" magazine' top ten list of the most expensive apartments in the country. it has six bedrooms, seven baths and covers two floors. it's described as opulent but understated, if you consider 21-foot glass walls, three entertaining rooms, and
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2,000-square-foot terrace understated. >> pretty nice. today will be the third spare the air day in just two weeks. local air quality leaders say ozone levels could reach unhealthy levels. they're asking the public to help curb pollution by riding bikes, taking bus or b.a.r.t. or even just carpooling. the last spare the air days were last week on august 23rd and 24th when we hit triple-digit temperatures in some areas. pretty hot. some of the hottest places today will make a run into the upper 90s. san jose later today getting into the low 90s. currently, 62. not a lot of wind this morning and hardly any low clouds. right now, oakland, 63. san francisco, a little bit of a west wind at 5, 59 degrees. but the sea breeze backing off over the next couple of days and this will lead to a big-time warming trend around the bay area, getting started today. by lunchtime, we'll see inland spots getting close to 90. on our way to 70s and 80s out on
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the coast. as we approach labor day weekend, we'll see the sea breeze turn stronger. expect some cooling for the weekend. but for the next couple of days, things are heating up. as you heard laura talk about, spare the air day. you kind of get this pocket of ground level ozone that forms, tucked away from the bay where some of those breezes will keep things a little bit more moderate in terms of the air quality around the peninsula today. satellite view shows you high pressure building in over the next two days. this is the reason why, kind of like last week, but probably not quite as hot. we'll still see our inland spots today running into the 90s. by tomorrow, i think places like livermore and concord could get close to 100 degrees. expect to see some cooling inland spots by saturday and sunday, dropping back into the 70s and 80s. if you want to check out the sierra for your labor day weekend plans, things will be warming up through friday and cooling down as we head through the weekend, but overall pretty nice weather as with we approach labor day. but today looking hot.
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97 around pleasanton. look at san jose, 92. mid-90s around morgan hill. for san francisco, around noon to 1:00 today, climbing into the 80s. pretty warm around the peninsula. 88 for oakland. upper 90s as you get out to the tri-valley and out towards the delta. north bay temperatures soaring into the 90s today. tomorrow should be pretty hot, if not the hottest day of the week. we start to cool off a little bit on friday and then the weekend pretty comfortable as we round out the last unofficial weekend of summer this weekend. back to you. >> oh, that's right. going away. that's why it's clinging on. thanks so much. >> want to check in with mike right now, taking a look at your morning commute. still some construction to watch out for. >> that's right. rob's talk about the air quality and spare the air, trying to limit the physical activity outdoors, but for these folks outdoors, it's been pretty pleasant overnight. we're looking at the construction affecting the blossom hill area, a good construction zone going on on the northbound side. the southbound side, we have the off-ramp at oakland road also
4:53 am
closed. watch those exits. also southbound 101 at highway 87, that transition ramp also closed. but that should be opening up in a couple of minutes. no major slowing showing right here. that blip on section 17, typical as far as the morning as low as. we see that from time to time. a very light volume of traffic there. the average speeds, not so accurate right there. i'll let you know, no major slowing at that portion. encouraging mass transit for a spare the air day. no delays for the vta. caltrain, monitoring twitter and no complaints on that frequency. we'll hear about that if there's any problems or delays on caltrain. we'll also hear from christine dunn. and also encouraging b.a.r.t. and that system, reporting 33 trains on time. no delays for b.a.r.t. the bay bridge toll plaza, a nice dry from the toll plaza over to san francisco. a good, steady flow. this is a pretty heavy volume for this time of day just before 5:00 a.m. we'll watch that. no delays right now and carpooling is a good option for spare the air. that reduces the number of cars. a good, steady number.
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the east bay is showing off a new way to save money while cleaning the air. it's a new fuel pump aimed at drivers who want to go easier on their wallets and on the environment. nbc bay area's business and tech reporter scott budman puts his foot on the ethanol. >> reporter: who draws a crowd when they pull into a gas station? >> i like the $2.49 a gallon. >> reporter: this trip was a way to save money while helping the environment too. he's filling up with biodiesel. >> it's great, because now i can use this new fuel flex, a lot less expensive, and cleaner energy. >> reporter: this fueling station is one of dozens planned for the bay area from propel trying to pump up the alternative fuel movement one car at a time. >> especially today, with what we've seen in the gulf of
4:55 am
mexico, people want to do something deferent. they're tired of using petroleum in their fueling. and we're finally giving them a choice. and when they have a choice, they make that choice to use a cleaner fuel. >> reporter: and hundreds of green jobs as a time. >> as you can see, we're standing in front of a structure, and it took someone to build it, it takes someone to fuel it, takes someone to program it, it takes someone to maintain it. >> reporter: and they're making some progress, especially with businesses. the u.s. postal service is propel's biggest customer. now it's time to convince the rest of us, one suv at a time. in oakland, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> propel also announced a nearly $11 million grant from the u.s. the department of energy and the california energy commission to build and run 75 renewable fuel stations in california over the next two years. caught on video. thieves target a pet shop, stealing a puppy. just ahead, we'll tell you where it happened and the latest on the search.
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three people are dead, three people are missing and police are sorting through it all this morning. we have live team coverage of this deadly web. lawmakers stay up late. see what they did and what they did not do, coming up. and with construction crews staying up late overnight, doing some construction and closing, on and off-ramps, all look for
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their overtime which may be costing you some extra time on your morning commute. good morning, everybody. it is coming up on 5:00. and thanks for joining pup i'm brent cannon. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. we are following developing news out of the east bay this morning, where one man is at the center of a deadly web of violence. two people are dead and three are missing. late last night, california highway patrol officers killed the suspect after a high-speed chase. he's identified as efren valdemoro. nbc bay area's christie smith is live in vallejo. christie, i understand you just got an update from police on what's inside the house? >> reporter: good morning to you. i just spoke briefly with vallejo police who are coming in and out this morning. they tell me there are some new developments. one officer described the scene inside as quite grisly. what he also said is going

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